Our Process Your Journey

At Direct Factory Kitchens, we know that making your dream kitchen a reality is a personal journey. Our process is designed to guide your vision and ideas into something special. We pride ourselves in offering a personalized service that takes your specific needs, preferences, and style into account.

Our team of skilled in-house designers are dedicated to turning your dream into a stunning and functional space that exceeds your expectations. From the initial concept to the final installation, we work closely with you to ensure that every detail is just right. Take an in-depth look at our client’s journey below.

Your Journey

Initial Consultation:

We begin with a friendly, no-obligation conversation. This is your opportunity to share your ideas, preferences, and budget.

We’ll discuss how you envision your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, your personal style, and any specific needs you have. After that, we take some measurements, and that’s it.

Design Concept:

Our team of experienced designers will create a unique concept that is specifically tailored to meet your style and requirements.

During this stage, many ideas and concepts are created, refined, and sometimes set aside until our designers are confident they’ve achieved the ideal layout for your space. Like a fine wine, your concept is allowed to mature, with our designers carefully shaping it to perfection.

Once our designers have found your ideal layout, we then bring your vision to life through meticulously detailed 3D renderings. Finally, our team schedules a presentation to walk you through your concept.

Design Presentation:

Now, it’s time for you to see your thoughtfully crafted concept. Our Designers take the time to go through each and every nook and cranny of your design, they explain the logic behind the layout. After these discussions, our designers will showcase the high-quality 3D renders, offering a clear perspective of the design. The ultimate reveal is the VR experience, allowing you to explore your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom in a 1:1 scale – a fantastic way to bring your ideas to life. Once you have a thorough understanding of the project’s scope, we’ll break down the cost of the design.

At this point, the reins are in your hands, and you can choose to make adjustments to the concept or even send it back to the drawing board. We value your vision and are prepared to create as many concepts as necessary to achieve your dream design.

Final Measurement and Planning:

Once our designers have found the perfect layout and all the intricate details have been finalised we schedule another visit where we survey the room and take precise measurements ensuring that your new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom will seamlessly and precisely fit into your space, leaving no room for error in the final installation.

Installation Schedule:

After the measurements are checked and everything has been ordered we work with you to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life, we provide you with a detailed project specification and installation schedule. This careful planning ensures that the transition to your new kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom is as smooth and as unobtrusive as possible.

Expert Installation:

Our in-house team of highly skilled and experienced fitters take charge of the installation process. With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, they oversee every aspect of the project. Their commitment to perfection and knowledgeable experience guarantees a flawless and luxurious finish, leaving you with a result that exudes both quality and elegance.

Your Dream Kitchen:

Your journey concludes with the unveiling of your dream kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

We hand over a space that reflects your style, meets your needs, and brings your vision to life.